Whether electricity or heat, greenfield or brownfield – with our team of experienced project managers with years of project management experience in the field of renewable energies, energy generation and large infrastructure projects, we offer the necessary expertise to make your project a success. We see ourselves as your project partner and support you and your team from project planning to final implementation. We take full responsibility for your entire project or advise and support you in individual project phases. Our large network of professional service providers is unique and offers us the opportunity, if necessary, to provide quick, effective and professional support outside of our core competencies.
Funding and project management are two sides of the same coin. The transformation to a carbon neutral energy industry will hardly be possible without public funding. At the level of the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany and partly also at the municipal level, projects are appropriately funded with high grants. For numerous upcoming projects, this means not only great opportunities but also a new dimension to their projects, increasing the tension between time, quality, and costs. The fulfilment of the EU requirements for these projects’ requires a very high standards on project management. If not properly managed grants can quickly be lost again. This begins with the project design and the integration of innovative approaches in order to release funds and ensure the profitability of the projects. During the project execution it is important to adhere to the often high requirements of the funding agency for tenders, awarding of contracts and cost tracking.
Thanks to global ingenuity and entrepreneurship, the technical and commercial landscape of the energy industry is subject to continuous change, which often takes place in faster cycles than the development of large energy projects. Our aim is to be permanently up to date. We attend conferences and workshops and scan the international market for ideas and innovations relating to the energy industry. From over 40 years of management experience, we have the necessary knowledge to bring these innovations to your projects and implement them successfully. At the same time, we support you in securing all possible funding for these projects.